Didactic Activities within ENArC project

The training of a new professional, we are glad to define MOM Digital Archives Maker, will be developed through three different levels:

1. Basic Formation
2. Field Skills
3. Lifelong Learning

After their training, MOM Makers will be able to publish their curricula in a dedicated section on our website (still under construction).
This way it is assured the interaction between those who are searching for people able to work on the digital archives of Monasterium.Net and those who are willing to work on the mentioned project.

The first level pertains to the organization of universities courses within the degree and master courses in Paleography, Diplomatics, Auxiliary Sciences of History using digital technologies such as: Monasterium.Net website, the EditMOM tool and also the Moodle platform Rete@ccessibile.
The courses can be held at every university by teachers who belong to the Didactics Group, solo or in collaboration with other European Universities lecturers. Same level courses can be organized at other cultural institutions too.
The ENArC Working Group operating at the University of Naples can deal with the training of teachers who need to use EditMOM and Rete@ccessibile for the first time. Such training might be carried out at interested universities and institutions through an intensive short course. Teachers can get all the info about the above topics on the Educational activities area of the ENArC project.

Performed Activities
Course in Diplomatics using Monasterium and Rete@ccessibile held by Antonella Ambrosio at the Master in Library and Archival Science and Methodology of the Research in the academic year 2010-2011.

How to participate
We are waiting for ideas and proposals of collaboration.

The second level provides a specific knowledge about some fundamental topics and give the participants the chance to work in the field. It refers to an international course or a summer school for students and undergraduates who have already taken part in the basic training course but also opened to any other interested student. It is divided in an intensive theoretical phase focused on certain subjects or groups of documents, and on a following stage at an archive member of the Monasterium project. Students might get ECTS.

Performed Activities
Course or the summer school to be carried out by April 2015.

How to participate
We are looking for project partners and teachers.

The third level concerns recent graduates with a basic level of competence in the mentioned disciplines, who often have a little experience in the field and want to specialize or be up to date with the digital technologies.
Such level is represented by the following formula: lecture about specific topics regarding some digital archives in Monasterium + tutor and workshop hours + a training chance or a paid stint at a Monasterium partner.
After the training, every participant becomes part of a real Learning Community. This community regularly meets for workshops regarding the nature and composition of Monastic Archives, Digitization, metadata XML encoding, EditMOM documents description, Monasterium research data, etc…. Moreover, every participant will be informed via a e-newsletter of the internal workshops taking place at the Department of History, seminars, summer schools, stages, job offers, etc…

Performed Activities
Lectures, workshops and training tests. Such activities were conducted together with ICARUS (International Centre for Archival Research).
A cycle of lectures and workshops about digitization (held by Michele Innangi) and metadata XML encoding (held by Antonella Ambrosio and Maria Rosaria Falcone). Thanks to this training some graduates attended six e-learning sessions (Gianluca Aiello, Viviana De Luca, Olimpia Di Palo, Angelica Parisi, Concetta Prisco, Pasqualina Uccello), a three months training with a refund (Concetta Prisco) and a stint (Angelica Parisi). Coordinated by Antonella Ambrosio, Maria Rosaria Falcone and Rosalba Di Meglio, they intensively cooperated to the activities of the ENArC working group operating at the Department of Historical Disciplines, as the realization of some digital archives and the organization of the international meeting Digital Diplomatics. Tools for the Digital Diplomatist held in Naples from September 29 to October 1.

How to partecipate
We are waiting for teachers, proposals of collaboration, young graduates to join the community, events reports for our Newsletter and any other ideas.


1. Courses in Palaeography and Diplomatics using the digital technologies

- Courses in Diplomatics for the Degree Course in History at University of Naples Federico II using Monasterium and MOMCa (60 hours).
- Courses for the Master in Library and Archival Science and Methodology of the Research. Course in Diplomatics for postgraduates using Monasterium.Net, MOMCA and rete@ccessibile: a moodle platform for e-learning (32 hours).
- Courses in Palaeography for various Degrees at UNINA using Monasterium.Net, MOMCA and a moodle platform  (20 hours).
- Courses in Diplomatics at summer schools of European institutions for young graduates.
- E-learning courses in Diplomatics using MOMCa.

All the courses include an international mobility programme to further improve the training. It is addressed to all students of UNINA who attended another course at least.

2. ENArC Learning Community

UNINA organizes workshops addressed to young graduates, PhD candidates and students, trainings in MOMCa  and promotes a Newsletter for the members. Goal of this community is to create the ideal MOMCa Editor and train a documents professional.

3. Start up of Creation of Digital Archives

UNINA organizes courses and didactic activities for the start-up of Digital Archives in Italy and in Europe.

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