Didactics Group FAQs

Which are the goals of the Didactics Group within the ENArC project?
The group aims to promote and organize learning activities for university students and young recent graduates. Such activities concern Diplomatics, Paleography and, basically, the use of historical sources. They are always supported by digital technologies, especially the website Monasterium.net and EditMOM tool. The learning activities wish to encourage the physical mobility of students and teachers all over Europe and a remote communication among them, in order to set up a worthwhile interchange of competence and experience.

Who can take part in the Didactics Group?
Any teacher, researcher, scholar interested in the mentioned subjects and working at  university or any cultural institution participating in the ENArC project, but also universities and cultural institutions which are not part of ENArC. Joining ICARus is recommended. We encourage all those who are particularly interested in learning activities and work for ICARUS to join the Didactics Group.

How can you join the Didactics Group?
Please fill in the online application form.

How can you keep in touch with the Didactics Group?
Via e-mail, Skype or any other means of communication, and by meeting every six months at the Didactics Group workshop during the semi-annual Icarus meeting.

What are the funds of the Didactics Group?
A specific fund has been accorded to the Group within the ENArC project in order to carry out its activities coherently with UNINA goals. Other co-financings and ideas for extra funds are welcome.

Who is in charge of organizing the Didactics Group activities?
ENArC working group at UNINA Department for Historical Disciplines, coordinated by Antonella Ambrosio, takes care of logistics and activities organization. ENArC working group is open to other members’ collaboration.

How can a member of the Didactics Group take part in the activities?
Every member can cooperate as he/she prefers and specifies it in the application form, and propose new activities too. Proposals are discussed and possibly approved within the workshop.

For ICARus involvement’s details please click¬†here.

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