International Conference “Digital Diplomatics 2011”

From 29.9. to 1.10. about 60 diplomatics’ scholars and computer experts from all over Europe and North America gathered in Naples (IT) at the Università Federico II to discuss the state of research in Digital Diplomatics. The “Digital Diplomatics 2011: Tools for the Digital Diplomatist” was funded by the ENArC project and organized by our ICARUS colleagues Antonella Ambrosio, Georg Vogeler and Maria Rosaria Falcone.
Antonella Ambrosio and Maura Striano presented a paper about the Diplomatics teaching with the EditMOM tool of MOM-CA. The Monasterium project was presented in a poster by Daniel Jeller and discussed in several papers regarding the state of the art. In their papers the researchers discussed new possibilities of large image collections on the web, linguistic statistics, perspectives of the semantic web, charters Paleography and the modernization of Diplomatics in general.
The conference webpage links to the programme, abstracts, slides and posters. Selected papers will be published in the “Archiv für Diplomatik”.

International Conference

“Digital Diplomatics 2013: What is Diplomatics in the Digital Environment?”

The 2013 edition of Digital Diplomatics (Paris, France, 14-16 November 2013) proposes to continue investigation into the recent development of diplomatics as a result of the opportunities offered by digital tools to study historical documents and of the challenges presented by born digital documents and by the need to understand their structure and the complex digital environments in which they reside.

Members of the Program Committee are Antonella Ambrosio (Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II \ ICARus), Olivier Canteaut (Ecole des Chartes), Luciana Duranti (The University of British Columbia) and Georg Vogeler (Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz).

Call for Papers and further information here.

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