First Annual Conference of Associazione Informatica Umanistica e Cultura digitale

Società Dantesca Italiana, Palagio dell’Arte della Lana, Via Arte della Lana 1, Florence, Italy
13-14 December 2012

Antonella Ambrosio and Maria Rosaria Falcone – Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II – will present a paper titled Il progetto ENArC. Attività didattiche innovative e creazione di archivi digitali at the “First Annual Conference of Associazione Informatica Umanistica e Cultura digitale: Un’Agenda per l’informatica umanistica e la cultura digitale”.

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Los archivos diocesanos: nuevos retos ante la era virtual

Universidad Autonóma de Madrid – Madrid, Spain
11-12 December 2012

Antonella Ambrosio and Maria Rosaria Falcone – Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II – will attend the seminar on “Los archivos diocesanos: nuevos retos ante la era virtual” with a paper titled Documenti e archivi ecclesiastici in MOMCA sul portale Monasterium.Net. The seminar sheds light on the issue of diocesan archives and their way into the Digital Era and is co-financed by the University of Naples “Federico II” within the programme “Linking the Neighbourhood” of ENArC- European Network on Archival Cooperation- project (EU-Culture Programme 2007-2013).

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1st Virtual International Conference on Advanced Research in Scientific Areas

First Virtual International Conference on Advanced Research in Scientific Areas
3-7 December 2012

Antonella Ambrosio, Gianluca Aiello and Maria Rosaria Falcone – Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II – presented a paper titled The Icarus Didactics Group. A challenge of teaching method of Diplomatics, Palaeography and Medieval History at the “1st Virtual International Conference on Advanced Research in Scientific Areas” (ARSA).

Call for papers

Monasterium Didactics Working Group workshop at ICARUS-Meeting #10

Slovak National Archives – Bratislava, Slovakia
19 November 2012

The workshop of the Monasterium/Didactics Working Group will be held within the Icarus-Meeting #10 on the 19th of November in Bratislava. All Icarus members who wish to give ten minutes talk about their didactic experiences using MOMCa and/or the portal (including those carried out at universities or other locations and those still at the planning stage), please write Antonella Ambrosio by the 15th of October.

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 Monasterium.Net and Rete@ccessibile at Ecel 2012

University of Groningen – Groningen, The Netherlands
26-27 October 2012

Antonella Ambrosio, Maura Striano, Corinna Freda, Stefania Fiorentino and Luca Aiello will present a paper titled Teaching diplomatics in 2.0 web environments: an innovative experience in internationalisation at 11th European Conference on e-Learning

                                           Österreichs Archive in Europa

Luca Aiello will attend the conference “Österreichs Archive in Europa” (October 17 - 19, 2012, Vienna) presenting a paper written by Antonella Ambrosio, Maria Rosaria Falcone and Luca Aiello titled Didaktische Zusammenarbeit zwischen Archiven und Universitäten auf Basis digitalisierten Archivguts.

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Digital Diplomatics 2011 in a recent contribute

Spain, Diplomà
26 September  2012

Digital Diplomatics 2011, the international conference held in Naples, in a recent contribute about the History of Diplomatics: Historiografia de la Diplomàtica [IV]: de la New Diplomatics a la Digital Diplomatics

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Didactics Working Group UNINA/ICARUS Schools, Subproject

UNINA – Naples, IT
June 2012

Within the ENArC project, UNINA is organizing some activities involving students different from those attending our university courses in order to promote the opportunities provided by Icarus and Monasterium projects.
This sub-project’s partner is the High School of Art “Enrico Galvani” in Pordenone (IT).
Subproject manager: Concetta Prisco.

ENArC Unina Group takes part in the ICARus semiannual meeting

Einsiedeln – CH
25-27 June 2012

The ENArC Unina group, coordinated by Antonella Ambrosio, will attend the ICARus semiannual meeting in Einsielden (CH) from the 25th until the 27th of June, 2012.

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ENArC Didactics Working Group workshop

Einsiedeln – CH
25-27 June 2012

In the  ICARus semiannual meeting Tuesday, June 262012, hours 15.30 – 18.00, it will be held the workshop of the  Didactics Working Group
The coordinator, Antonella Ambrosio, will introduce the didactic units proposals for an international e-learning course in Diplomatics.
Speakers: Nicolás Avila Seoane, Susana Cabezas, Adele Di Lorenzo, Francesca Klein, Dominique Stutzmann and Przemyslaw Wiszewski.
The professors will explain various educational activities including Paleography, Diplomatics and the historical disciplines with the support of computer technology, especially with the support of MomCa and Edit MOM tool.

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Nuns’ Literacies in Medieval Europe II
An international and interdisciplinary conference

University of Missouri – Kansas City, USA
5-8 June 2012

Antonella Ambrosio – Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II – will attend the conference on ‘Nuns’ Literacies in Medieval Europe’ with a paper titled Literacy in Neapolitan Women’s Convents in the Middle Ages and the Contribution of Digital Archives on Monasterium.Net – A research concerning the Literacy of Neapolitan nuns in the Middle Ages from a palaeographic perspective.

For details on the conference, please click here

UNINA Training for EDU-ENArC
Within the workshop EDU-ENArC

Scuola Normale di Pisa – Pisa, IT
1 June 2012

“La rete per gli archivi storici europei dagli archivi ecclesiastici al portale archivistico europeo APEnet”.
Training on charters in MOMCa.
Coordinator, Antonella Ambrosio;
Teacher, Maria Rosaria Falcone.

New publication

Archivio Segreto Vaticano – Città del Vaticano
May 2012

Antonella Ambrosio, Insegnare la diplomatica con le tecnologie informatiche? Potenzialità e spunti di riflessione, in Studi in onore di Alessandro Pratesi, edited by the Scuola Vaticana.

Course in History

UNINA – Naples, IT
March – May 2012

Diplomatics Course for the Bachelor and Master’s Degree Course in History at University of Naples Federico II. Achieving a student Diplomatics Course by employing, EditMOM tool and moodle platform Rete@ccessibile
Teacher, Antonella Ambrosio;
Tutor, Maria Rosaria Falcone.
Within the didactic activities of this course we opened an international forum on Rete@ccessibile platform for the international courses in Palaeography and Diplomatics.

UNINA for MOMCa Testing: XML MIND program training

UNINA – Naples, IT
2-3 April 2012

Antonella Ambrosio and Maria Rosaria Falcone attended the training, held by Georg Vogeler (University of Graz/Icarus), on XML MIND program for entering digital archives data into MOMCa.

Students Mobility

UNINA – Naples, IT
6-10 February 2012

Vera Schwarz, PhD and postgraduate at Master post lauream of UNINA in “Library and Archival Science”, took part in Icarus Spring School 2012, with a project on digital editions of Neapolitan charters.

Digital Archive of Biblioteca della Società Napoletana di Storia Patria on Monasterium.Net

UNINA – Naples, IT
January-March 2012

Supervision of metadata elaborated by trainees of ENArC Learning Community.

Planning next digitization in Italy

UNINA – Naples, IT
January-March 2012

2012 January

UNINA/ICARUS for the PRIN Le crisi medievali e le loro eredità
(The crisis in the Middle Ages and their inheritance)

UNINA – Naples, IT
January 2012

Within the dissemination activities, UNINA has promoted the cooperation, established by a letter of intent, of ICARUS with the following Italian universities: University of Siena, University of Torino,University of Milano, University of Parma, University of Trieste, University of Bologna, University of Firenze, University of Roma and University of Sassari. The purpose of the collaboration was the submission of a project PRIN (Projects of National Relevant Interest), which has the digital archives among its objectives.

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