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EU, Culture Programme, 2007-2013

The fundamental goal of the ENArC project is to set up and gradually expand a European academic network in order to preserve and promote Europe’s written cultural heritage. The cooperation among the institutions involved in the project does not only aims at digitizing the Western, Central and Southern European historical sources but also merging the digital resources of large web portals, such as APEnet and Europeana, in order to give all EU citizens easy access to their historical memory.

In this context, the Department of Humanities of the University of Naples Federico II carries out several innovative learning activities using the digital technologies; promotes international meetings, national workshops and seminars concerning the project targets; coordinates the different Universities within ICARUS for the realization of scientific projects employing information tools and collaborative activities addressed to students, recent graduates and young scholars; promotes activities for ICARUS new partners within the ‘Linking the Neighbourhood Programme’; creates new digital archives for Monasterium Project.

Principal Investigator
Antonella Ambrosio.

Scientific Board
Rosalba di Meglio, Giovanni Vitolo.

Length of the Project
54 months (2010-2015)

fourteen European Archival and Academic Institutions
St. Pölten Episcopal Archives (AT) – Coordinator
ICARUS – International Centre for Archival Research (EU)

Hungarian National Archives (HU)

Budapest City Archives (HU)

Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, Department of Archives (SK)

Czech National Archives (CZ)

Archive of the Republic of Slovenia (SI)

Croatian State Archives (HR)

Institute for Balcan Studies of the Serbian Academy of Science (RS)

General Directorate of the State Archives of Bavaria (DE)

University of Naples (IT)

Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa (IT)

Sub-Directorate General of Statal Archives (ES)

University of Cologne (DE)

Associated Partners
Institute for Indexing and Research of Clerical Sources (AT)
Archive of the Diocese Passau (DE)

Moravian Provincial Archives in Brno (CZ)

Austrian State Archive (AT)

City Archive Speyer (DE)



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